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About Us

I am so excited for my new adventure, The Lapis Boutique! I have dreamed of having my own boutique since my first retail job as a teenager. As I got older and became a retail store manager, I just fell in love with owning a business and selling what I was passionate about. After I had kids (2 boys, now 6y and 3y), I decided that I wanted to be home with them and still provide for my family. So I had a dream one night about opening up an online boutique so that I could have the best of both worlds.

I thought of the name, "Lapis" because my bridesmaids' wedding dress color from David's Bridal was lapis, which is a dark purple and its so rich and romantic and has been my favorite color as long as I could remember.

Please let me know how you like the items I create and what you don't like, or offer suggestions! I am constantly adding new designs and ideas, so please check back often for new listings. Find me on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

Jacqueline A.

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